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Most Comfortable Denture Options

By |2021-07-21T04:19:49-07:00December 30, 2017|Dental Tips|

Complete and Partial Dentures Oakland CAA denture is worn throughout the day, and therefore should be as comfortable as possible. Dentures do not require surgery like dental implants do, so they are a much less invasive option for replacing teeth. Dentures need to be functional as well as comfortable. You should decide what is the most comfortable kind of denture for you. This will depend on your dental condition, and possibly your financial priorities. Here are a couple scenarios to help with your decision.

  • Replacing one or two teeth – One or two missing teeth are best replaced with a bridge, especially an implant bridge between the adjacent teeth. If you prefer a denture however, a flexible denture or a snap on denture may be a good choice for you. The flexible denture is quite comfortable as it snugly fits the gum contours, will not cause any gum bruising, and has a good lifespan. The location of the teeth should be considered.
    • Molars – molars –  the lower back teeth need to sustain greater chewing forces, and flexible dentures may not always be a suitable option. A bridge would certainly be a better choice.
    • Upper front teeth or bottom teeth– Upper front teeth or bottom front teeth are not impacted by chewing stress as much as the back teeth next to the molars. The appearance is important and partials with well-matched colors will look great and feel comfortable.
    • One or two back molars– If you want to replace a wisdom tooth, just do without it. Your chewing abilities or smile will not be altered. If two or more other back molars are affected, the recommended choice is an implant supported denture. A partial denture may also be a suitable option.
  • Dentures Oakland CAReplacing many teeth – If a large number of teeth need replacement, a flexible partial, or an implant supported denture may be considered.
  • A Complete or Full Denture– When a patient needs to replace all or most teeth, a complete or full denture is recommended. The complete denture can be flexible, or implant supported, however implants are more expensive.

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Call our dental office in Oakland, CA so we can help find the best teeth replacement solution for you. Our dental care specialists will make sure to answer your questions so you are confident in your decision. We are in Alameda County less than 20 minutes away from Alameda and Berkeley.

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