How long is the healing phase after getting dental implants

Healing time for this Restorative Dentistry Treatment involves a multi-step procedure and will need one to three stages to heal completely. The length of time to heal will also depend on the number of teeth that will need to be replaced and the patient’s health condition.

Below is the standard steps that occur from the start of the procedure until recovery:

If the patient will need bone grafting, the healing process can take longer than usual. Patients will have to wait for four to six months before proceeding to the next phase of the treatment. Bone grafting is performed when there is not enough jawbone density for the implants to be securely attached.

When tooth extractions are performed, the patient may need to wait for a weeks for the gums to fully heal and recover before the dentist will place the tooth implant. With today’s modern dentistry techniques; however, dentists can now place the implants immediately after the tooth is extracted. With this, patients will go through the healing process of both tooth extraction and implant at once. This process will involve placing healing caps onto the implant before stitching the gum tissue. The healing time will take a week or more depending on the patient’s health.

It will take from four to six months before the second surgery can be performed to allow the bone to fuse with the metal implant. During this procedure, the healing cap will be exposed and the gum around it sutured. This process helps the gum to heal around the cap to adapt to its shape.

The dentist will then remove the healing cap then attach the abutment once the osseointegration process is complete and the gums have completely healed. Your dentist will then remove the healing cap and attach an abutment to where the healing tooth will be placed.

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Osseo-integration refers to the process that will take place between the bone and the surface of the implant. It is a natural process crucial to dental implants as it creates a strong bond and let the implant become a part of the bone. This entire process will take from two to six months for the implant to full bond to the bone.


How to care for them after surgery

After the surgery and when the anesthesia is gone, it is normal to feel discomfort. The discomfort caused by the process will disappear within the first 24 to 48 hours. Taking pain medications and applying moist heat to the surgical site will help alleviate the discomfort and promote faster healing. For several days after the surgery, patients are to only eat soft foods and avoid strenuous physical activity. Soft bristled toothbrushes are recommended to prevent damaging the surface.

The following measures are also advised for after surgery:

  • Use special mouthwash to help kill the bacteria in the mouth.
  • Rinse your mouth with warm salt water for several times a day.
  • Brush your teeth after every meal and floss at least once.
  • Special brushes and flosses can help clean the hard-to-reach parts of the dental implants.
  • Don’t forget your routine exams and general cleaning schedules.

When the gums have been completely healed, patients can take care of their implants the same way they take care of their natural teeth. Proper care and oral hygiene is all it needs to last for a lifetime.

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