Oaktown Dental utilizes latest technological advances to make your dental care more efficient and safe. Our technology also allows us to save you time and increase your comfort during your dental treatment.

Low-Radiation Digital X-rays

Our digital x-ray technology allows us to see vital oral structures with more clarity in a way that is faster and safer. Dental x-rays provide a vital view into the health and status of your mouth. This is because many problems may arise deep within the jaw bone, roots, or teeth, before they become apparent by looking directly in the mouth.

Our digital x-ray sensors are smooth with rounded edges, so they don’t poke your gums like traditional x-ray films. They also work faster and require 85% less radiation than traditional films. Furthermore, the image is immediately viewable on the computer screen, no longer requiring harsh chemicals to expose the old films (let alone the toxic waste that is involved in disposing of such chemicals).

Our digital Panoramic x-ray machine takes a full scan of your entire jaw in just a few seconds. This gives us a complete picture of your teeth, jaws, TMJ, and sinus floor. Our modern machine uses just a fraction of radiation, allowing Oaktown Dental to comply with the well-known ALARA principle (ALARA stands for “As Low As Reasonably Achievable”). The ALARA principle is meant to minimize radiation exposure to both patient and operator by employing all reasonable means possible. Our digital x-rays conform to this principle for your safety and comfort.

Intraoral Camera

We utilize a small camera that fits in the mouth to take close up pictures of your teeth. These digital pictures are available immediately on the computer screen during your exam. This allows us to show you exactly what is going on as we give you visual tour around the mouth. This will help you make an informed decision about your treatment. This is especially helpful in areas that are hard to see in the mouth.

Dental Loupes

Teeth are small! Drilling in the mouth requires attention to detail and precision to achieve the best possible results. We use a minimum magnification of 4.1x loupes to see your teeth in high detail. This allows us to complete procedures, such as fillings and crowns, with accuracy

Sterilization, Safety, and Privacy

Oaktown Dental complies with all state and national recommended guidelines (such as ADA, OSHA, and HIPAA) to ensure our office is clean, safe, and secure. Our modern sterilization units are tested on a regular basis using bacterial spore tests with a control, and verified by an independent 3rd party laboratory. This confirms our equipment is always performing at its best, as it should. Every instrument is cleaned and sterilized with special indicators that confirm the success of each sterilization cycle.

Oaktown Dental uses industry leading, hospital-grade germicidal wipes after every appointment to make sure all surfaces are clean and safe. Our chair-cleaning protocol is effective against numerous MDRO’s (Multiple Drug Resistant Organisms) as well as major bloodborne pathogens such as HIV, HBV, HCV, and TB. This protects you and our staff from any potential harmful organisms and meets CDC, OSHA, AHE and CMS Tag F441 guidelines.

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Zahid H. Ahmed, DDS, FICOI, FAGD

Dr. Zahid Ahmed combines current advances in dentistry with holistic health to bring patients the best possible dental care. His goal is to provide patients with personalized service, creating lasting relationships based on trust and expertise.

Dr. Ahmed received his DDS from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. He has worked as an Assistant Clinical Professor at UCSF and maintains a position as Clinical Instructor at Stanford University. He is recognized as a Fellow in both the Academy of General Dentistry (FAGD) and the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (FICOI). He believes continuous learning in dentistry allows him to stay current, and provide the best possible dental care for his patients.

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