Extractions for Wisdom Teeth

The wisdom teeth, aka third molars are part of a person’s natural dentition. These teeth typically come in sometime between the ages of 17-25. People most often have four wisdom teeth, although sometimes people can have fewer than four. In some cases, people might have more than four wisdom teeth, these are called supernumerary teeth. As wisdom teeth start to emerge, they usually impact the surrounding teeth as they develop.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Sometimes, wisdom teeth will become impacted or grow in sideways, which usually calls for them to be removed.

You should be aware that not all wisdom teeth cause pain or problems during development. In these situations, a person may experience some slight discomfort as the wisdom teeth start to come in, but when they are in their final place, the discomfort will stop.

Problems start when there is not enough room for the wisdom tooth to come in and it starts pushing against other teeth.

Additionally, if the wisdom teeth can not come in because of teeth crowding, food particles can easily get stuck in between the teeth and infection may develop.

Oral Surgery For Wisdom Teeth

If you experience pain because of an impacted wisdom tooth or teeth, then they need to be extracted. Wisdom teeth extraction is a relatively simple procedure.

Step 1: At the start of the procedure, the mouth will be numbed a local anesthetic. If you are particularly anxious, a light sedative such as nitrous oxide(laughing gas), or an oral sedative may be used.

Step 2: In some wisdom teeth extractions, a small incision in the gum must be made to cut the tooth into smaller pieces in order for them to be removed. The duration of the procedure will vary from patient to patient.

Step 3: After they are extracted, swelling and discomfort may be experienced, which usually goes away after a few days.

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We accept many PPO plans and are preferred providers and in-network with over 13 major insurances.

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Conveniently offer a Membership Plan

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