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Lake Merritt is the largest lake in the urban center making it a focal point of Oakland due to its attractiveness. It is located in the center of Oakland California, which is east of Downtown covering an area of 155 acres and was founded in 1870 becoming one of the oldest wildlife refuges. The length of the lake is 3.4 miles with a depth of 10 feet making it an area that is widely visited in the region. Lake Merritt is ranked among the top five tourist attraction in Oakland due to the surrounding of the lake and its strategic location in the urban area. It is surrounded by parkland that is commonly used by visitors to relax. The locals also use the parklands to jog before going to work making the lake very significant to the region.

Parking and Activities

The path around the lake is essential in ensuring that there is a maximum satisfaction of tourist needs to have a clear view of the lake. There are areas where people can sit to enjoy snacks and drinks making it an exciting area. It is a place where people in the area and beyond come for picnic due to the beautiful surroundings in the lake. Lake Merritt is surrounded by lights making it possible to view the place even at night. There are geese in the lake which attracts tourists domestically and internationally. Walking and biking are common around the lake to ensure that there is a clear view of the lake towards maximum satisfaction to the people. Considering that Oakland is a busy city Lake Merritt has ample parking area to ensure that there is an increased number of tourists in the area.

Boat tours in Lake Merritt are common in the region to ensure that there is improved the experience for the tourists. The boat tours are aimed at ensuring that an individual can cover a large area of the lake which one cannot cover walking or biking. Lake Merritt is an area that motivates to engage in jogging and striders race for improved physical health.


Volunteers are used to ensuring that there is a proper maintenance of the gardens around the lake. The tidal water flow is regulated for improved performance ensuring that there is no drowning or drying of the lake. The lake is the main attraction site in Oakland making it possible for the hospitality industry to be highly profitable through the provision of products and services to the tourists.

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