Restorative dentistry Piedmont, CA

Restorative dentistry is the branch of dentistry that is all about restoring the beauty and functionality of the patients teeth and preventing oral health problems in the future. Schedule an appointment and have your questions about the duration of the treatment or dental implant cost

Our Restorative Dentistry include:

  • Dental Implant Procedure
  • All on 4 dental implants

Restorative Dentistry FAQ

Piedmont, What is considered restorative dentistry?

Restorative dentistry deals with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases of the teeth. Restorative dentistry treatment involves replacing damaged or missing teeth, bridges, fillings, crowns, and dental implant. It aims to restore the appearance and functionality of the patient’s smile and prevent oral health problems from occurring in the future.

Piedmont, What is aesthetic restorative dentistry?

Aesthetic restorative dentistry aims to restore the appearance and functionality of the patient’s teeth after the damage has occurred. This type of treatment involves techniques and skills to improve your patients color shape, alignment, size, overall health and function. Examples of this treatment are dental bonding, bridges, dental crowns, and dental implants.

Piedmont, Is a dental crown considered restorative?

Yes. A dental crown will be able to bring back a broken or severely broken tooth. It is also a treatment that can be used to protect a weak tooth from breaking or holding together a cracked tooth. All of these methods are meant to restore the functionality of the patient’s smile.

Piedmont, Is teeth whitening considered restorative?

No. The primary goal of teeth whitening is to improve the look of the patient’s teeth. Restorative dentistry is aimed at improving the function of the patient’s smile. Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure.