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How To Care For Your Removable Dentures

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Dentures- What Can I Eat?

Caring for dentures Oakland CADentures restore oral abilities and your smile. However, they are not your natural teeth, and not parts of your body. You should not expect to use them the same way as your natural teeth. Denture patients should carefully watch what they eat with them to prevent damage. Here are two short lists of foods to be careful while eating, and items to avoid completely.


  • Foods to Be Careful Consuming – Foods to try to avoid or be careful while eating
    • Acidic Foods: Such as citrus juices and fruits
    • Sugary foods: Avoid overly sugary foods
    • Dehydrating Foods: Dehydration is bad for acrylic dentures. Patients should avoid, liquor, tea, coffee, etc.
  • Foods to Avoid Absolutely
    • Nuts & Seeds: These can cause physical damage to your dentures. Also avoid fruits that contain seeds like guava
    • Hard-to-Chew Foods: like underdone steaks, pop-corn, dry fruit, etc.
    • Hard candy– In all types.

Dentures require care. Good care will prolong their longevity, making things easier for you.  These points are relevant.

  • Dentures Oakland CAEating will expose the dentures to food particles. You should always take out your dentures and rinse them after eating.
  • Dentures are made with acrylic; so they are quite brittle. If they are dropped accidentally, they may break or crack. In either situation, they can not be repaired or worn. Handle them with care, preferably over a towel.
  • Invariably clean your mouth after taking your dentures out. Anything remaining there will stay under the denture, leading to infection.
  • Keep your dentures clean by brushing them at least once a day.
  • Dentures need to be kept in a soaking solution or clean water when they are removed at night. Not doing this will cause them to dry up and warp. This means they will no longer be well fitted.
  • Always rinse your dentures before putting them back in your mouth, especially if they have been soaking in a solution.

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