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Living without your natural teeth can be inconvenient and unpleasant. Damaged teeth will also disturb your facial appearance as well as the overall quality of your smile. We can ensure that your complete or partial dentures will give you the comfort and confidence to continue your active lifestyle. Keep reading to learn everything you might want to know.

Full Dentures

Full, or complete dentures, are most often used when most or all of the teeth in each jaw need to be replaced. If there are just a few remaining natural teeth available, they should also be extracted in order to ensure that there is enough space for the one-piece complete/full set.

What are Complete Dentures?

Dentures consist of a set of artificial teeth – typically 14, on a gum colored acrylic foundation that is fabricated to fit very snugly on your gums. Keeping this in mind, the base will cover the palate and the gums, so proper fitting is crucial. This is because of two reasons – the prosthetic should not irritate your flesh and they need to stay in position from the suction.


The preparation for the process, the existing teeth may need to be removed. Impressions are taken prior to the extraction and this is delivered to a lab along with the color specifications. Once this is done, Dr. Ahmed will have you try them on and make certain adjustments if necessary in order to get them to fit properly.

How to care for your dentures?

This is another important point. Full set of teeth should be removed for cleaning after every time you eat and put back on after you rinse your mouth. At night, they should be stored separately in water or in a special soaking solution. They will actually dry up and they can even warp if they are not kept soaking while they are out of your mouth. This will render them pretty useless. They do not provide tooth roots and, because of this, the bone around the empty sockets is likely to reabsorb. This is a process is when bone dissolves away. This causes the gums to shrink and the prosthetic may need to be relined in order to fit properly. The lifespan of complete dentures is about 7 years if taken care of properly.

Are there any limitations?

Dentures have many limitations which include relining them. There are others like loose fitting and occasional fall-outs.

Which artificial teeth are right for you?

This question is important to take into account when it comes to it. Let’s go through a few of the different types:

  • Removable Partials – if you have one or two adjacent teeth that need replacement, a removable partial is a good choice. These have clasps at both ends which are designed to be fastened to the teeth on either one of the sides for more support.
  • Flexible – these are a commonly used kind of removable partial and they are very flexible as they would adhere better to the gum texture and would not irritate your gums.
  • Fixed bridges – this is a great option that is not attached by clasps. They are permanently fixed to your crowns for support
  • Full conventional – these are recommended when the majority of the jaw needs replacement. They are adhered with suction against the gum flesh.

Artificial Teeth without pulling teeth

It’s natural for people to be reluctant to the idea of having their teeth pulled. You can get false teeth – partials – without removing all of your teeth if they are healthy.

Dentures without a roof plate

These are also commonly known as dentures with snaps. This is a complete set of teeth with a removable base that can be snapped onto four or five different implants. We will take the necessary steps to find out what option will best suit your needs.

Be Aware of Your Options

Complete dentures can be supported by implants, these are commonly known as implant supported bridges. These are very close to having natural teeth. This is an aspect that you might want to be aware of. Instead of the fixed implant supported teeth you can also get a snap-on denture – these let you remove them if you wish to.

If you prefer not to have any extractions, a convenient choice is an overdenture. These have an advantage of preventing bone resorption. This is basically a prosthesis that rests over prepared teeth roots.

Removable teeth throughout time

These types of dental additions are typically associated with old age since your teeth will start causing problems. The fact is, however, that your need for artificial teeth comes from your overall teeth condition. Oral health will likely reflect your overall oral hygiene and you need to ensure that everything is handled at the highest industry standards.

The quality of the bone might also not also be good enough and this may require you to undergo additional procedures. Some of these include:

Alveoloplasty – this is a procedure where your jaw bone is efficiently re-contoured so that the area where the prosthetic will be placed is rounded properly and it provides as much surface area as possible in order to enhance the overall retention of your new teeth.

Bone Grafting – this procedure is carried out in patients who have low quantity jawbone. In patients of this kind, this procedure requires placing a bone graft to the jaws in order to improve the strength and overall retention support.

Dr. Ahmed can give you a new set of comfortable and durable new teeth. Our office is in Oakland, CA,  just fifteen minutes from Alameda, and Berkeley in the Bay Area.  If you have any questions or concerns about the best denture options for you, give us a call!

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