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How to Choose the Right Dentures Dentist

There are plenty of dentists who doesn't understand the importance of looks and functionality when making dentures. As with plenty of dental procedures like dental implants starting to be more widely available, most of the dentists no longer promote dentures to their patients anymore. When you make consultations to ...

By |2021-07-22T07:33:16-07:00July 26, 2018|Dentures|


Are you an adult with misaligned teeth and is considering Six Months Smile in Oakland? We can help you with that. Simply answer a simple set of questions to help you decide whether you are ready to consult for Six Month Smiles. Are You Unhappy about Crooked Teeth? Look ...

By |2021-07-25T11:21:47-07:00July 26, 2018|Cosmetic Dentist|

Choosing the right cosmetic dentist

Choosing the best cosmetic dentist for is key to ensuring that you get excellent results and friendly, comfortable service. Patients should know that cosmetic dentistry is not officially recognized as a specialty in modern dentistry, so any dentist can legally be call themselves a cosmetic dentist. Every dentist is able ...

By |2021-07-21T11:37:01-07:00January 9, 2018|Dental Implants|

How To Care For Your Removable Dentures

Dentures- What Can I Eat? Dentures restore oral abilities and your smile. However, they are not your natural teeth, and not parts of your body. You should not expect to use them the same way as your natural teeth. Denture patients should carefully watch what they eat with them ...

By |2021-07-21T04:13:50-07:00December 30, 2017|Dental Tips|

Most Comfortable Denture Options

A denture is worn throughout the day, and therefore should be as comfortable as possible. Dentures do not require surgery like dental implants do, so they are a much less invasive option for replacing teeth. Dentures need to be functional as well as comfortable. You should decide what is ...

By |2021-07-21T04:19:49-07:00December 30, 2017|Dental Tips|

Teeth Replacement – Dental Implants vs. Dentures

Previously, removable implants for the full mouth or partial dentures were common options for replacing missing natural teeth. Dentures are however a less popular alternative compared to getting permanent teeth, and dental implants are gradually becoming the most popular option for tooth replacement for elderly patients for many good reasons. ...

By |2021-09-11T08:52:11-07:00December 27, 2017|Dental Tips|

Advantages of Dental Implants for Replacing Teeth

Dental Implants have multiple advantages Natural Appearance, Abilities, and Feel - A set of teeth on stable and secure implants will work and feel like natural teeth. This is done by attaching new natural looking crowns (the upper segments of teeth) to the dental implant. With dental implants, you ...

By |2021-07-21T06:18:43-07:00December 27, 2017|Dental Tips|
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