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Advantages of Dental Implants for Replacing Teeth

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Dental Implants have multiple advantages

  • Advantage of Dental Implants Oakland CANatural Appearance, Abilities, and Feel A set of teeth on stable and secure implants will work and feel like natural teeth. This is done by attaching new natural looking crowns (the upper segments of teeth) to the dental implant. With dental implants, you can eat and chew most foods and have a beautiful, natural looking smile.
  • Long Life By practicing the proper care, dental implants are able to last for a lifetime. In comparison, traditional dentures will only last for a five to seven year maximum after which they must be replaced.
  • No Public Embarrassment – Since dental implants are permanent structures, they become like a natural part of your mouth. You do not need to worry about any embarrassing moments from having your dentures fall out or an unnatural looking smile.
  • Healthy Bone Growth – Traditional dentures leave the wearers’ tooth sockets empty, which can have negative effects. This results in disadvantageous impacts like bone resorption. However, dental implants give wearers the benefit of Osseo-Integration which encourages bone growth.
  • Get a Natural Smile and Retain Facial Contours – Since traditional dentures can cause bone loss in the jaw, it may also have a poor effect on your smile and cause your facial contours to distort. You can avoid this with implant supported dentures and have a beautiful and healthy smile.
  • No Night-Time Removal – Dental implants work like natural teeth and stay in your mouth permanently. There is no need for removal, as is needed with conventional dentures.
  • No Storage Problems – Dental implants do not require removal or storage in a solution like with dentures.
  • No Handling Care – Dentures can potentially crack or break, if they fall on a hard surface. Since implants are permanently in the mouth, no special care is needed.
  • Speak Normally Speech problems can happen with new dentures, particularly when they are first being worn. Your speech will not be affected with implants, since they are like natural teeth.
  • No Cavities If regular hygiene is practiced and observed along with regular dental visits, the implants will stay shiny and healthy.
  • More Reliable – There are virtually no repairs that are required with dental implants. The only adjustment that may be needed is re-tightening.

Dental Implants for Replacing Teeth

Dental Implants Procedure Oakland CAThere are many options for replacing any number of teeth with dental implants. The choices offered range from a full set of implants that are fitted permanently over the jaw to one single implant for a single molar. There is a popular choice that is known as an ‘all-on-four’ bridge. This involves placing four implants in locations and angles that are chosen carefully. This bridge will replace and improve your natural missing teeth. Dental implants need enough healthy bone structure so the implants can take stresses (like chewing). If there isn’t enough bone in the specified areas,  bone grafts can be used in order to fix the situation.

The lack of enough gum flesh is a similar issue, because it needs to cover the implants for aesthetic purposes. Many diabetics have porous bones and, are  therefore usually advised to not get dental implants. You should consult with your doctor to determine if they are a viable option for your tooth replacement. To learn more about dental implants, click here.

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